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About Us
John Walker is the founder and CEO of Soldiers For Heroes.  He volunteered for service in the Army when he was exempt from serving.  He was stationed at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and could serve his time there without going overseas.  Instead, he volunteered for service in Vietnam, because he believed he could make a difference to help the South Vietnamese people on their quest for the freedom that we enjoy and to guard against communist aggression from North Vietnam.

He has numerous decorations for his accomplishments while serving in Vietnam.  On this page is the Chicago Tribune newspaper article on his successful completion of service and contributions while serving in South Vietnam.

Now he has found a way to contributing once again in the later years of his life, dedicated to helping our veterans in a number of causes through revenues received from purchases from our "Sponsors of Hope"  His program is unique and unlike any other you may have seen.  Please visit especially the "National Discount Program" on this site and see how his program is unprecedented and is what he calls "The 4 Win Program"  Unique and very difficult to duplicate by other merchants anwyere!

CONTACT US AT:  info@s4husa.com